Non-Surgical Treatments

the least invasive and most cost-effective periodontal health solutions

Non-surgical treatments can treat gum disease and gum recession if the problem identified early. Left unchecked, the situation can worsen to a point where the root becomes unprotected and teeth may loosen or fall out, they may have to resort to surgical treatments. For many dental patients we offer the following non-surgical treatments.

Scaling and Root Planing

This is the first treatment of gum disease ever to be described in dental literature. This conservative treatment modality is still today the gold standard for most types of gum disease. Calcified bacterial products, which form on the root surface, are removed by special instruments (curettes) designed to fit below the gum line. This procedure is often performed by the dental hygienist. It may require the use of local anesthesia for more comfort. Antibiotics may be useful in conjunction with scaling and root planing.

Periodontal Maintenance

Periodontal maintenance is supervised dental hygiene treatment. Dental and gum cleanings are carried out under the care of our dental hygienists according to the protocol recommended by our doctors and by universally accepted clinical guidelines and is considered one of the non-surgical treatments. Patients with demonstrated periodontal disease susceptibility, previous periodontal treatment, or family history should receive regular maintenance care. Periodontal maintenance is necessary to prevent the recurrence of active periodontal disease and to control gum inflammation.

Maintenance Schedule

At the maintenance appointment we always inspect teeth and restorations for recurrent decay and other dental problems. X-rays are taken at designated intervals to examine bone levels and look more carefully for dental decay and other tooth-related pathology. A careful mouth examination is performed and we also may recommend a cancer screening. The specific interval between appointments depends on individual needs, but three months is regarded as the gold standard.

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