Multi Tooth Dental Implants

replacing missing teeth with multi-tooth implants

Multi tooth dental implants can be used to replace entire segments of missing teeth with fixed restorations.  Implants are the only option for fixed replacement when natural teeth are no longer present as anchors to hold conventional bridgework.

Dental Implants Process

Multi tooth dental implants are for patients who are missing several teeth historically had three choices: live without teeth, have a fixed or permanent bridge, or wear a removable partial denture. A permanent bridge is somewhat of a misnomer. Permanent means fixed, but it implies the bridge should last forever.
In actuality, permanent bridges often fail over time and need to be replaced, multi tooth dental implant is a possible solution for many dental implant patients. Removable partial dentures can take many design forms, depending on which or how many teeth are missing. Many patients find removable partial dentures uncomfortable, and when cosmetics are not an issue, they choose not to wear their false teeth.
Multi Tooth Dental Implants
Patients who are severely compromised can once again enjoy the benefits and comfort of fully functional chewing with multiple tooth implant. And regaining the pleasures of unrestricted chewing and eating adds greatly to the quality of life.
The collaborative team approach enables Drs. Robinson and Barget to continue to provide their patients with the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for their individual needs resulting in the patients achieving predictable, exceptional and stunning results.

Dr. Robinson and Dr. Barget have placed over 25,000 implants placed with a success rate of 96-97%, they are faculty members and educators for the Spear Education Provides a unique and unparalleled perspective in all areas of implant reconstructive dentistry and have been providing excellence in care in the Phoenix area for more than 30 years

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