Lewis Robinson DMD, MS & David Barget DMD, MS leading specialists in dental implants & periodontics

Dental ImplantsDental Implants

Dental Implants can replace entire segments of missing teeth with fixed restorations, so once again you can enjoy the comfort of fully functional chewing.

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Scottsdale Periodontal ServicesPeriodontal Services

Periodontal maintenance is necessary to prevent the recurrence of active periodontal disease and to control gum inflammation. It’s important to treat gum disease and gum recession early.

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” Not all dental implant clinicians are created equal. Benefit from the advantage of our clinical and technological advancements in patient care.”
Drs. Lewis Robinson and David Barget are the leaders in Dental Implant and Periodontics in Scottsdale Arizona and surrounding Phoenix area. Drs. Robinson and Barget are committed to the highest standard of patient care and offer a wide range of specialty treatments including expertise in the treatment of periodontal disease, periodontal cosmetics and dental implants so the patient achieves an optimal level of oral health, esthetics, function and comfort.

What is especially unique about the leading Dental Implant & Periodontics office of Periodontal Specialists, are the exceptional restorative specialists they collaborate with in the dental field. These relationships allow for a team approach which enables Drs. Robinson and Barget to continue to provide their patients with the most comprehensive diagnosis and treatment options for their individual needs resulting in the patients achieving predictable, exceptional and stunning results.

Dental Implant Patient Testimonials

Dental Implants Placed 25,000+
Dental Implant Success Rate (96% - 97%)
Dental Implant Patient Satisfaction

What an incredible journey with Dr Barget. A true professional. Not only a great surgeon but great personality. His staff were always friendly and supportive all through the process. Many thanks… I’m back to smiling again.

– Kathy

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