Restorative Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that can create more tooth structure

A crown is used when a tooth is cracked or broken. A crown is also used in dental procedures, like bridges, root canals, and dental implants.

What is a crown lengthening procedure?

Dental implants surgeon Dr. David Barget performs crown lengthening by recontouring gum tissue to expose more of a tooth’s surface for a crown. It’s a common dental procedure at Periodontal Specialists in Scottsdale AZ.

The benefits of crown lengthening

A crown can be a seamless addition to a beautiful smile. Crown lengthening can make a new crown look natural and aesthetically pleasing.

What happens during a crown lengthening procedure

Crown lengthening is an outpatient procedure. Crown lengthening is a very fast and relatively painless process. You will receive a local anesthetic to desensitize the area. Most dental patients describe the treatment as a warming sensation that is very manageable. The procedure generally takes less than an hour.

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Restorative Crown Lengthening before
Restorative Crown Lengthening after